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    Ian Phillips

    From original email 13 Dec 2019 22:43

    We put markers on the fence so we would be able to make sure the buoys were always lined up straight.


    From original email 14 Dec 2019 07:57

    Yes so I understand. My question was rather, if the buoy becomes detached from the rope, is there anything to stop the rope being pulled back through the loop. If there is then you can just follow the rope from the bank to the loop but if not then finding the loop would be very tricky.

    Ian Phillips

    From original email 14 Dec 2019 17:13

    Initially yes there was but I’m not sure if there is now.

    David Harvey

    From original email 15 Dec 2019 09:45

    It is not a short course it is the same length as what we use now, on a race day if you look at the course from the bank on the right side you will see that there is more distance from the end bank than you think there is when standing on the podium. I would not want it any closer to the bank. I do not know which year it was but it was at a Nationals before the car tracks were set up, as you can see we were using our transponders.
    I was wondering why you included the Naviga triangle because we do not do speed now and the eco class is run round the M course.

    Best Regards

    Rob Physick

    From original email 15 Dec 2019 12:16

    With reference to the buoys being put out manually…. the few occasions that I have helped Andrew he has made me aware of the yellow marker that is positioned on the outer edge of the worktop that we put our boats on.
    When Andrew goes into the water he looks over to the pit area were he can see the marker and then manually position the buoys on the turn area to be in line with this marker.
    Maybe Andrew knows the exact measurement from the bank ?

    From my own requirements I have been more than happy with the positioning of the buoys BUT as you say, I agree that we should try to come in line with the Naviga measurements so that we can compare our laps/time with the competitors abroad.

    Paul Heath

    From original email 16 Dec 2019 12:00

    Take it all back… Max distance please or leave it as it is, non naviga

    David Harvey

    From original email 19 Dec 2019 09:04

    I contacted Ian Phillips to see if he could remember the course base measurement, he could not but he was at the lake yesterday with George and has come back to me with the measurements as below.

    Hi David.

    By jove it was cold (lake frozen) this morning, not conducive to outdoor measuring!
    However, these are the measurements George and I took from the lakeside markers.
    The straights measured 60 metres
    Ends measured 23.5 metres
    The measurement between the centres of the curves is 71 metres.
    I hope that makes sense.

    Regards and all the best for the festive season.

    Best Regards


    In order to make it easier to picture the options as compared to the existing buoy locations, I have added some extra diagrams to my original post.
    One diagram is the dimensions that are taken directly from the Google Maps image I linked to in my first post. I believe the Google dimensions to be extremely accurate but I have to note that these differ significantly from the dimensions that Ian sent to David Harvey (See David’s last post). One explanation is that the buoys have moved since the Google picture was taken. From the image you can see that there is the crawler track in place but no buggy track. Ian will undoubtedly be able to accurately date this and to confirm if the buoys have moved since then.
    I have also added a diagram showing what a course with the same peripheral distance as a Naviga course, but with a 12mt separation from the banks, is like.
    Also I have added an image with a 10mt clearance circuit superimposed upon the Google image and also another with the 12mt clearance circuit superimposed. This should make the options very clear.
    You will notice that the 12mt separation circuit has quite short straights.
    I have hopefully given you sufficient information to make a decision. The choices you can now discuss / vote on are:-
    • 9mt clearance
    • 9.5mt clearance
    • 10mt clearance
    • 12mt clearance
    • Leave it as it is
    • Other
    I look forward to seeing a health discussion.
    Martin M

    Ian Williams

    After reading the other comments I have changed my mind slightly. I think probably 10 metres would be fine. I have thought that the straights did seem a bit short at times.

    Chris Hobbs

    In regards to Ian & George’s original anchor system, (ropes through loops fixed to submerged concrete slabs) this worked very well for years and I believe could again. The main problems I encountered were; repaired/knotted rope catching in the loops and overlong tethers from the buoys which can cause the clips/cleats to get jammed in the submerged hoops. Particularly when they have been pulled down too much by yachting types to get the submerged buoys out of the way of their keels.
    New complete lengths of rope & short tethers should resolve this.
    As for repositioning them, you would need two or three persons in waders with long poles for leverage, with the rescue boat alongside as a working platform to put poles/tools, coffee flasks etc

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