AGM 2023

AGM 2023

Minutes of MPBA Fast Electric Section AGM 2023

Friday 30th June – attendance list was passed around for signature

Meeting opened at 5:27pm

People present

Martin Marriott, David Harvey, Peter Barrow, Lee Heath, Paul Heath, Gary Westwood, Andrew Fuller, Rob Physick, Ashley Wilson, Paul Wilson, Paul Heaton, Luke Burton, Chris Pheasey, Jonnie Pheasey.

No apologies of absence

Last minutes proposed:

Chairmans report

We have new members that have been racing at NADS are here bringing numbers up.

The Rules difference between Northern Amp Draggers and Our rules. this will be covered by proposals later on.

Pete requested that everyone followed the rules

New trophies made with Paul heath explaining this in his report.

Secretary’s report

New trophies made with the old blocks added to keep the old winners on.

Large glass diamond shaped winners’ trophies. 2nd and 3rd placed certificates with silver and bronze embossed seals.

2 new lithium polymers fire extinguishers have been bought to be used by the racers if required.

Treasurers report

Balance end of June £1210.02.

Still to pay, NADS equipment hire, Bridlington Lake hire.

Only half a statement

Central funds held possible £2500

Transponder payments to be sorted, some entrants paid with entry fee.

International officers report

The naviga world championships being held in Slovakia at the beginning of August.

Nobody from the UK will be attending. Various family issues for people so they are unable to go, plus it’s a long way to go. Maybe the French might hold it next time, so it’s not far to go.

Saws officers report

No date yet for St Helens, they’ve pushed the date back to October.

First date the same as NADS AGM and last meeting, 15th oct, so hopefully they’ll come up with an appropriate date.

National Officers report

Most people have used the new podium/container. there may be at some point an add-on to the top with stairs etc for the raised system similar to what was there before. There may be a new container on top.

The event may be slightly different than last year, some of you may know I try to sort out the groups so you’re not racing in the following heat where possible. The computer does most of the work by randomly putting racers in the heats and I check they’re ok as mentioned before. No two are heats following each other.

Fees for the web sites have risen this time, for hosting etc. The only wrinkle we’ve had this year is that someone missed the dead line, there was one person that was disappointed unfortunately.

That will be discussed later. The buoy lines were mentioned. Andrew then explained the changes he had made to make sure the issue was sorted

Public relations officer

I’ve written a book with is about to be released, it has a fair number of pictures and information about NADS and the fast electric section. So hopefully that might generate some interest.

Ian brought up the subject of buying some all most ready to run boats for kids to run.

Martin Marriot suggested Bridlington open day, when kids see them running, they always ask

1) Can I have a go?

2) How fast?

3) Where can you run them?

4) How much?

it will be also mentioned in model boats mag.

Southern area rep

No racing down south.

Gary Westwood is going to ring Russ Chillcott to find out what’s happening in the south west.

Andrew mentioned that Elmbridge are running electrics. Pete Barrow said he thought they were running Eco. Issues with travel seemed to be a problem when discussed.

Northern Rep

George was not well so he wasn’t at the meeting so Paul Heaton stepped in.

We have a couple of new faces at the club we have the normal regulars plus a couple of new members. Rob Mallerman doing Mono 2, Rob Scott has packed it in.  We hear that Kingsbury are running SR65 boats plus a modified class. SR65 comes with brushless motors with 2200mah lipo, plus another ready to run, Pete Barrow talked about running a class. then hoping they would perhaps run another when they see them running. do they think they would come to NADS?

Election of Officers

those that wanted to stay

Chairman – Pete Barrow
Secretary – Paul Heath
Nationals Officer – Martin Marriott
Treasurer – Lee heath to step in for Chris Pheasey    Proposed by Paul Heaton seconder Chris Pheasey votes all for.
Safety Officer– Paul Heaton to step forward Proposed by David Harvey Seconder Luke Burton. All votes for
SAWS officer – Ian stepping down.
Was suggested to be ideal if someone lived near to the lake.
Ian Williams agreed to do this year’s event. then we would have to find someone new.
Southern rep – Lee heath
Northern Rep – George MacDonald


Proposal 1

Proposer: Martin Marriott

The MPBA-FES is fundamentally an organisation that races to Naviga rules with only a small number of deviations in a few points. It has become clear that the MPBA-FES rules have many omissions from the full Naviga rules. We only have the opportunity to change/update these rules once a year at the AGM held at the Nationals. If Naviga change their rules at a “worlds” just after our Nationals, we have to wait till the following year to change the MPBA-FES rules and these will not take effect until the year after that, nearly two years later. This seems to me to be unfortunate and a recipe for being constantly “behind the curve” and constantly playing catch-up. I therefore propose that in order to track Naviga rules much more closely, that we change our race rules to say something to the effect:-

The MPBA-FES race rules will be as outlined in the Naviga rule book except for the following cases:-

1) Xxxxxx

2) Yyyyyy

This will mean that we are always in sync’ except for where we chose to deviate.

Paul Heaton said he thought we had done this in the past. but for some reason it was not put in the minutes. Peter said he had sent out a list of the proposals for the Naviga presidium in August at the world championships. He stated the there are two times in where Naviga M section can change the rules, one was at the World championships (every 2 years ) and at the Naviga Yearly meeting just before Christmas. They come in to effect on the 1st of January or at the world championships.

Paul Heaton suggested we have a vote on Martins proposal.

Vote for Martin’s proposal seconder David Harvey. All but one voted for

Our battery rules will stay as is. We will have the choice. Other changes been looked are whether to run limiters in mini classes. but our rules would allow you to run with or without a limiter. Peter and David Harvey explained the mini batteries regs now. Martin said the reasons for limiters is to stop people cheating. Bart has put a proposal forward for minimum weights e.g. 370g batteries instead of 350g, other proposals to be looked at the worlds are:

Doing away with mill start, reducing to 6sec or starting on the right bank. All so the 43v rule. The 43v rule from Thailand.

Then we asked about how many people had 70 x 70 numbers on minis. it was then agreed that racers with 70 x 70 number plates were allowed to use this week end.

During the discussion some members were saying if anyone turned for the meeting tomorrow, would we turn them away if the numbers were not, correct? It was then pointed out the national is a pre-entry meeting only and Northern Amp Draggers would not turn anyone away for racing.

Mini class number size. voted 70 x70 or 80 x 80. Do we replace 80 x 80

 8 for and 7 against.

So mini class next year 70 x 70

Reference to our web site with the appropriate drawings.

Peter made reference to the complicated rules for car racing compared with ours.

Discussion about drugs and drink while racing, it was agreed to keep as is with no drugs or alcohol to be consumed by competitors

But Peter did point out strongly that the MPBA number was to be correct due to insurance reasons and that the rule must be adhered to.

Discussions were had about scrutineering and the way the checking was done. The rule about 70 x 70 was agreed to be able to run. Ian Williams said that one of the MPBA Exec had made it clear to him that your number must be on the boat for insurance purposes Peter then made it quite clear about what was expected tomorrow. that race numbers and MPBA numbers had to be correct.

The below proposal was covered in the first one, however members wanted clarity on what the colours rule were. colours like Black, grey, white and dark blue for example were not counted as a colour that could be ‘easily seen’. You must have at least 1/3 of your hull top and bottom a contrasting colour e.g. yellow or orange are allowed because by virtue they are easy to see.

Proposal 2

This proposal is now redundant because of proposal 1

Proposer: Martin Marriott

I propose that the sections of the rule book, MPBA FAST ELECTRIC SECTION CODE OF CONDUCT and RACE OFFICIAL’S JOB DESCRIPTIONS and MPBA FES HEALTH AND SAFETY DOCUMENT AND POLICY, be removed from the main rules and placed in their own document so that they receive their own distinct focus.

Proposal 3

Proposer: David Harvey This proposal is also covered by proposal 1

Below is a proposition for the FES AGM this brings it into line with the Nads and Naviga Rules. Boat colours, the hulls of boats must have a well recognizable colour. (This well recognizable colour must amount to at least 1/3 of the bottom of the hull). This should contribute to the clear recognition of a capsized model. Dark, for example black, deep-blue, white or similar colours are not permitted.

Proposal   4

Chris Pheasey – To remove the entry cut-off date or allow the treasurer or/and the chairman to be able allow late entry.

Peter said the reason for the cut off, was the amount of time Martin Marriott had to sort the race schedule out. Martin then explained that the entry system was opened for 5 months before the cut-off and this should be ample time to send entries in. Paul Wilson then asked Martin what would be his minimum. Discussion was carried on. Peter then asked if the chairman Martin and another committee member. Peter then went on to say that the only time a chairman gets to vote is when a proposal is a tie. Martin said he was not prepared to spend more the one day on the schedule. Several members then said that 3 days was too short. The last day of entry is normally the Northern amp Draggers race meeting before the nationals. Rob Physick then explained the amount of work entailed and that may be, that mono 1 heats are 4-5-5 maybe we could put them in the heat with 4 in. Also, that a new person trying to join the MPBA and then enter would be too short notice anyway. Then came up the issue about paying. Until we possibly have internet banking there’s no way we could check who had paid their fees. Peter then went on to say that the section uses funds to run the Nationals. We have just laid out £500 in trophies then £300 for the lake hire then £200 for Rental of the timing gear. There’s not enough from the grant to cover the costs.  David Harvey went on to explain that new people can race at Northern Amp Draggers. Peter the explained about the MPBA being a LTD company with Exec officers being Directors and Ultimately they’re the people that are liable.

the Proposal was changed to:

The chairman, Nationals officer and another committee member could allow a late entry.

The Vote for 4 and against 8 abstentions 1 So entry date stays as it is, however if some ones contacts Martin beforehand he will hold off for a day or two.

Any other Business

There’s talk about a container to go on top of the one that has recently been purchased at Bridlington, or a non-slip floor and railings so we can race from the top. Peter mentioned to the Bridlington committee about us contributing to the rostrum as it’s mainly us that use it. Peter thought if we contributed it had more chance of happening, as we have funds available rather than the money just sitting there. Paul Heaton asked the non Nads members if they objected. As Nads would gain most from it.

Martin Marriott asked if Brid asked for our help or not. Ian Phillips said that nobody used it any more plus the cost was very high, so the offer of some cash was to try and tip the discission in our favour and get the work done.

After a discussion it was agreed that NADS would pay 50% and MPBA FES pay the other 50%.

Totalling £800 towards the grid (non-slip floor) Or towards another container on top, depending what Bridlington club decide to do.

Vote 10 for and 3 abb 1 against to split the cash

Vote 9 for 1 against 3 abb.  Same for the container.


More discussions,

Having more classes to try and get more clubs to race with us.

Some clubs have one class racing.

Only if Nads agree to Naviga 43v

Thailand has a proposal to run 43v in every class.

14 votes against


Naviga proposal

Changing the Mill time from 10 to 6 seconds

1 vote for 13 against.


Naviga proposal

Starting from the left bank

14 against

Naviga proposal

Sprung rudders in all classes

votes 2 for 12 against.

Carried sprung rudders not compulsory

Peter then asked if everyone happy for him to vote on proposals for classes we don’t run.

votes 14 for

Carried for Peter to vote on the other classes


Is there the possibility of holding a meeting there a few weeks before the Nationals so people from the south could get race practice?

Yes, it would be possible with notice to Adrian.


Do we run a meeting before the Nationals at Althorn?

For 14

Carried to try and run a meeting at Althorn


David Harvey

If a buoy gets loose during a race, what do we do about it?


Race controller to restart the race later or stop the race and correct the buoy, then continue on.

Restart later – 10 for

Stop the race – 4 for

Carried to restart the race later.


Rob Physick brought up the concrete steps.


To stand either on the water’s edge or on the concrete steps in front of the container.

Stand by the water –

Vote for   13    standing on the edge   1 Abb



Safety issue was brought up about driving boats at speed near the drivers.

Everyone at the meeting was told not to drive their boats within 1 metre of the racers.