AGM 2009

Minutes of MPBA Fast Electric Section AGM 2009

Saturday 25th July 2009


(I) Meeting opened at – 6pm

(II) Present –

S Mitchell, P Barrow, G Roberts, A Blears, P Blears, C McGinn, N Rees, M Harvey, D Harvey, J Baker, P Upton-Taylor, C Ransome, I Phillips, M Shipman, J Bond, J Foster, D Conway, P Ogden, D Baker, F Scotto, J Read, K Daniels, S Whenham, P Heaton.

(III) Minutes of last years AGM

Accepted Unanimously – No matters arising

(IV) Chairman’s Report – (Peter Barrow)

a) This years progress

After the problems from earlier in the year, we have generated a positive move forward. The committee have all communicated well. Even when Simon has been working long hours, he has been kept in the loop. The large entry numbers for the nationals has been welcomed by all. I would like to thank the committee for working together to make the section a success and look forward to next year. Both Ian and John have worked hard and long to make the Nationals a very enjoyable experience.

b) Transponder system update.

Stephe has been given a copy of the spec of the transponder system. He is trying to sell it to a local club/shop. Pete Revill has the unit at this time.

We have the use of the BBK software system and we will look at that over the winter with the possibility of using it next year.

c) Next year.

We will look later at moving the Nationals to September as there is a lot going on during July on the International scene. Either the worlds or something else major in Germany. Plus it’s cheaper and easier to get accommodation in Bridlington at that time of year.

(V) Treasurer’s Report – (John Foster)

It was explained that after speaking to the previous treasurer, who accepted my observations, one of the entries on

last years statement of accounts had been listed incorrectly. The amount B/Fwd on the balance sheet for

2008/2009 had been taken from the bank statement prior to my taking on the position of treasurer. Some

competition entry fees had already been received, but the balance had now been collected, apart from an odd

one or two, plus some for late entries in the two team events. All drivers would be given an M.P.B.A. sticker,

either for their tool box, or car windscreen. Some cloth badges were also available @ £4.50p each and key rings

@ £2.00p each. A donation of £50 was received from Ernie Lazenby to be presented to the best newcomer at

this years meeting. The books had been inspected by David Shimmin (B.M.B.S. Accounts Overseer) and found to be in order.

(VI) Secretary Report- (Simon Mitchell)

Nothing really to report just big thanks to John for all the hard work he has put in.

(VII) Other Committee Members Reports –

(a) Saws Officers Updates – (David Harvey)

All records are up to date. There will be a saws event on the 17th / 18th October at Branston Water Park

Burton-upon-Trent. There is a list of Hotels in the area if you contact me I can give you the list

Old Classes will be run along side lipo classes.

(b) Nationals Officer report – (Ian Phillips)

The web site is up and running and still being worked on. We will be looking at a new booking in system for 2010,

The question was asked if every one was happy with the booking in for this year’s Nationals every one was happy

with the way it worked . A cut off date must be set for next year, as it is hard work without one and there is too

much paper work to do and not enough time if a cut off date is not set at least 2 weeks before the event.

To run the classes for 2010 in the same order as this year.

Proposed – John Baker
Seconded – Chris Ransome
Carried unanimously

(c) International officer – (Paul Heaton)

Nothing really to report still awaiting news on the worlds, as soon as any info comes through I will let people know,

hoping for information soon.

(VIII) Committee –

The MPBA F/E Section committee to stay on until 2010 unless anyone wants to stand down

Chairman – Pete Barrow
Treasurer – John Foster
Secretary – S Mitchell to stand down

Martin Harvey to stand
Proposed – C Ransome
Seconded – S Mitchell
Accepted Unanimously

M Harvey voted in as new Secretary.

(IX) New Business

(a) Next Years Nationals

To be held at Bridlington
Proposed – S Mitchell
Seconded – C Ransome
Accepted Unanimously

(b) The Date to be moved to September 2010 either

18th/19th Or 11th/12th – – Accepted Unanimously

(c) Any other business

(1) Mini Mono and Mini Hydro classes to run a 10second mill time like the big classes and to only run 6 boats per heat.
Proposed – S Mitchell
Seconded – C Ransome
Accepted Unanimously

(2) Super mono to be split into cats and monos

To split the class and create a new class “Super Cat” running on the same rules as super mono but allowing 2 motors

At the Nationals the Supercat class will be first and last class in the day

Proposed – C McGinn
Seconded – D Baker
Accepted Unanimously

(3) Electric

It was mentioned that there was a lot of people using electric this year and it would be a great idea to give a

donation to the Bridlington Model boat club of around £5 if you were using electric, this way it could contribute to

the club maybe putting in new plugs around the site and making it easier for us in the future.

(4) Risk Assessment –

A risk assessment to be carried out for the viewing areas for spectators at next years Nationals.

Meeting closed.