Rules SAWs


SAW’s rules

Class Battery Configurations

Class LiPo Configuration Weight Limit
L1 1s None
L2 2s None
L3 3s None
L4 4s None
L6 6s or 5s None
L8 8s or 7s None
L10 10s None
L20 10S2P None
L Open Any (60V Max) None
Mini Mono, Mini Hydro, Mini Tunnel 2s or 3s 140g



Type Comments
Mono Any Mono Design Not Scale ( L1-L Open )
Hydro Any Hydro Design Not Scale ( L1-L Open )
Scale Mono ( L2-L Open )
Scale Hydro ( L2-L Open )
Tunnel ( L2-L Open )
Mini Mono, Mini Hydro, Mini Tunnel (L2-L3)450mm max length


  • Monos are mono hulls with one wetted surface, hydros are any non mono hulls.
  • Cells must be operated within their specifications ( temps, volts, charge rate )
  • Max cell voltages; LiPo 4.23v
  • In all even classes you may run one bank of cells or if you have two motors you can split the pack into two, ( ie two banks of 4 cells in an 8 cell setup one for each motor ).
  • Scale mono and scale hydro should be a semi scale or scale model of a real boat.