MPBA Numbers on Boats

We have been contacted by the MPBA to remind us that it is a requirement of our insurance that our MPBA number must be shown on our boats (scale models excluded).

It has long been in the MPBA-FES rules that this number must be on our boats but didn’t state explicitly how and where this number should be displayed. As we in this section, race broadly to Naviga rules, the relavant section from these rules are reproduced below.

We hope that this clarifies the requirement for all who race in MPBA events.


All models for the M class must have a permanent registration number. This permanent number is to be in the form – GB XX XXX (where XX XXX is your MPBA number).  For example GB SF 154
This number must be unchangeable and be put firmly on the model. It cannot be placed on example: a lid, the sponsons or any other removable part. For hydro’s the permanent number can be on the outside, bottom part of the middle section.

The numbers and letters that make up the registration number must be black on a white background. The height of the letters and numbers is set at 20mm. The class in which the model is used does not have to be stated on the model.