Links to suppliers

Here are some links to suppliers that are useful to fast electric boat modellers.

If you have a favorite supplier that you think should be added then please get in touch. (Please use the Link at bottom right)

Suppliers of Boat Modelling parts

Component ShopLipos, connectors, cable etc
Doctor PropsMainly (you guessed it) propellers (Ukraine)
ECO MasterGeneral parts for racing boats (Ukraine)
Easy CompositesCarbon Fibre, resin etc(UK)
ETTIGeneral parts for racing boats (Hong Kong)
Hydro & MarineGeneral parts for racing boats (Germany)
Kings Lynn Model ShopRetail and online model shop(UK)
LeopardBrushless Motors(China)
Mini Mecca RCGeneral parts for racing(France)
mlm SolutionsBespoke design and engineering services.(UK)
Model FixingsBearings, washers, screws etc(UK)
Model Marine SuppliesGeneral parts for racing boats (UK)
Prestwitch Model BoatsGeneral parts for racing boats (UK)
RC BearingsBearings and hardware (UK)
Redzone LiPo'sRedzone LiPos(China)
RoaringTop LiPosRoaringTop LiPos(Europe)
Scorpion SystemsBrushless Motors(Hong Kong)
Simply BearingsBearings, Lubicants & Adhesives(UK)
TenshockGeneral parts for racing boats (China)
TP Power EuropeBrushless Motors and Propellers (Germany warehouse)
WheelSpin ModelsGeneral Model parts (UK)