Here you will find a selection of photos and video’s that have been kindly contributed by our members.

I hope they convey the dramatic action and fun that this hobby provides.

Photos from MPBA FES Nationals 2016

MPBA Nationals 2021

MPBA Nationals 2017

(Ian Phillips)

MPBA Nationals 2016

Mini Hydro heat (Ian Phillips)

Mini Hydro Sprint clip (Ian Phillips)

MPBA Nationals 2015

Aerial shots (John Cotton)

Start of Mono 2 heat (Ian Phillips)

Supercat (Paul Upton Taylor)

Mono2 (Paul Upton Taylor)

Hydro1 (Paul Upton Taylor)

Hydro1 (Paul Upton Taylor)

Mini Hydro (Paul Upton Taylor)

Hydro2 (Paul Upton Taylor)


MPBA Nationals 2010

Mono1 (David Nieuwland)