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The historic list of record holders in each SAWs class.

You may notice that not all classes have been contested and so if you want to be a champion, come along and have a go.

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SAWs Record Holders

a list of current and past record holders by class.
The highlighted speed is the fastest speed achieved in any class.
Hull Type/ClassDateVenueEntrantSpeed (MPH)Filter
Hydro (Mini) L0212-Sep-2021Carr Mill DamDavid Harvey38.790F1 F2
Hydro (Mini) L0214-Jul-2019Larkfield DamRob Physick34.480F2
Hydro (Mini) L0228-Oct-2012Branston WaterDavid Harvey28.910F2
Hydro (Mini) L0312-Mar-2017Dearnford LakeDavid Harvey46.973F1 F2
Hydro (Mini) L0326-Oct-2014Dearnford LakePaul Upton Taylor41.840F2
Hydro (Mini) L0328-Oct-2012Branston WaterRob Physick26.760F2
Hydro (Scale) L0212-Mar-2017Dearnford LakeDavid Harvey28.662F1 F2
Hydro (Scale) L0226-Apr-2015Dearnford LakeDavid Harvey27.514F2
Hydro (Scale) L02 (brushed)15-Sep-2002WarminsterAllan Shillitto33.880F1 F2
Hydro (Scale) L0326-Oct-2014Dearnford LakeDavid Harvey40.190F1 F2
Hydro (Scale) L0408-Sep-2007Branston WaterPeter Barrow56.390F1 F2
Hydro (Scale) L0631-Oct-2010WatermeadPeter Barrow51.070F1 F2
Hydro (Scale) L0822-Oct-2023Carr Mill DamDavid Harvey47.370F1 F2
Hydro (Scale) L0812-Sep-2021Carr Mill DamRob Scott44.560F2
Hydro (Scale) L0826-Oct-2014Dearnford LakeDavid Harvey43.730F2
Hydro (Scale) L09
Hydro (Scale) L1022-Oct-2023Carr Mill DamLiam Davison77.400F1 F2
Hydro (Scale) L20
Hydro (Scale) LOpen
Hydro L01
Hydro L0226-Apr-2015Dearnford LakeDavid Harvey39.181F1 F2
Hydro L0231-Oct-2010WatermeadDavid Harvey35.770F2
Hydro L02 (brushed)15-Sep-2002WarminsterBill Hickman32.750F1 F2
Hydro L0322-Oct-2023Carr Mill DamPaul Heaton63.030F1 F2
Hydro L0312-Mar-2017Dearnford LakeDavid Harvey51.165F2
Hydro L0324-Apr-2016Dearnford LakeDavid Harvey50.590F2
Hydro L0326-Oct-2014Dearnford LakeJohn Croyden46.530F2
Hydro L0327-Oct-2013Dearnford LakePeter Barrow46.050F2
Hydro L0328-Oct-2012Branston WaterDavid Harvey40.000F2
Hydro L0428-Oct-2012Branston WaterPaul Upton Taylor56.630F1 F2
Hydro L0417-Oct-2004HerringtonIan Williams56.460F2
Hydro L0420-Sep-2003HerringtonE Beirne49.410F2
Hydro L04 (brushed)15-Sep-2002WarminsterChris Osman44.730F1 F2
Hydro L0624-Apr-2016Dearnford LakePaul Upton Taylor84.260F1 F2
Hydro L0626-Oct-2014Dearnford LakePaul Upton Taylor59.680F2
Hydro L0627-Oct-2013Dearnford LakeMartin Harvey53.570F2
Hydro L0620-Sep-2003HerringtonIan Williams51.790F2
Hydro L06 (brushed)15-Sep-2002WarminsterChris Osman44.160F1 F2
Hydro L08
Hydro L09
Hydro L1015-Sep-2002WarminsterCarl Dawson51.050F1 F2
Hydro L20
Hydro LOpen
Mono (Mini - SubSurface) L0114-Jul-2019Larkfield DamNigel Turner14.250F1 F2
Mono (Mini - SubSurface) L0231-Oct-2010WatermeadMark Shipman29.540F1 F2
Mono (Mini - SubSurface) L0208-Sep-2007Branston WaterIan Williams19.910F2
Mono (Mini - SubSurface) L02 (brushed)17-Oct-2004HerringtonTom Watson17.910F1 F2
Mono (Mini - SubSurface) L02 (brushed)20-Sep-2003HerringtonTom Watson14.510F2
Mono (Mini - SubSurface) L0326-Oct-2014Dearnford LakeMark Shipman22.720F1 F2
Mono (Mini - Surface) L0212-Mar-2017Dearnford LakeJohn Croyden39.353F1 F2
Mono (Mini - Surface) L0212-Mar-2017Dearnford LakeRob Physick34.460F2
Mono (Mini - Surface) L0208-Sep-2007Branston WaterFranco Scotto33.120F2
Mono (Mini - Surface) L02 (brushed)30-Jul-2005HerringtonJoe Read30.120F1 F2
Mono (Mini - Surface) L02 (brushed)15-Sep-2002WarminsterChris Osman25.870F2
Mono (Mini - Surface) L0328-Oct-2012Branston WaterRob Physick33.550F1 F2
Mono (Scale) L02
Mono (Scale) L03
Mono (Scale) L0414-Jul-2019Larkfield DamRob Physick43.560F1 F2
Mono (Scale) L0629-Apr-2018Larkfield DamRob Physick48.210F1 F2
Mono (Scale) L0812-Sep-2021Carr Mill DamRob Physick45.160F1 F2
Mono (Scale) L09
Mono (Scale) L10
Mono (Scale) L20
Mono (Scale) LOpen
Mono (SubSurface) L0112-Sep-2021Carr Mill DamNigel Turner15.290F1 F2
Mono (SubSurface) L0129-Apr-2018Larkfield DamJames Hobbs (Junior)15.180F2
Mono (SubSurface) L0112-Mar-2017Dearnford LakeJames Hobbs (Junior)4.173F2
Mono (SubSurface) L0231-Oct-2010WatermeadMark Shipman30.370F1 F2
Mono (SubSurface) L02 (brushed)17-Oct-2004HerringtonBill Addison28.590F1 F2
Mono (SubSurface) L0326-Oct-2014Dearnford LakeDonatas Ceponis31.840F1 F2
Mono (SubSurface) L0408-Sep-2007Branston WaterDavid Harvey32.200F1 F2
Mono (SubSurface) L04 (brushed)30-Jul-2005HerringtonJoe Read28.230F1 F2
Mono (SubSurface) L04 (brushed)20-Sep-2003HerringtonPaul Severs26.620F2
Mono (SubSurface) L0622-Oct-2023Carr Mill DamDavid Harvey31.690F1 F2
Mono (SubSurface) L0626-Oct-2014Dearnford LakeMark Shipman24.940F2
Mono (SubSurface) L08
Mono (SubSurface) L09
Mono (SubSurface) L10
Mono (SubSurface) L20
Mono (SubSurface) LOpen
Mono (Surface) L0129-Apr-2018Larkfield DamChristopher Hobbs21.470F1 F2
Mono (Surface) L0226-Apr-2015Dearnford LakeRob Physick45.248F1 F2
Mono (Surface) L0208-Sep-2007Branston WaterPeter Barrow43.940F2
Mono (Surface) L0230-Jul-2005HerringtonJoe Read40.810F2
Mono (Surface) L02 (brushed)15-Sep-2002WarminsterBob Walden32.580F1 F2
Mono (Surface) L0327-Oct-2013Dearnford LakeRob Physick49.070F1 F2
Mono (Surface) L0328-Oct-2012Branston WaterRob Physick43.240F2
Mono (Surface) L0412-Mar-2017Dearnford LakeRob Physick54.745F1 F2
Mono (Surface) L0430-Jul-2005HerringtonSimon Mitchell52.160F2
Mono (Surface) L0417-Oct-2004HerringtonPaul Heaton40.980F2
Mono (Surface) L04 (brushed)20-Sep-2003HerringtonKen Brown34.720F1 F2
Mono (Surface) L0629-Apr-2018Larkfield DamKeith Mallam58.060F1 F2
Mono (Surface) L0627-Oct-2013Dearnford LakeRob Physick57.690F2
Mono (Surface) L0609-Sep-2007Branston WaterJoe Read55.480F2
Mono (Surface) L0630-Jul-2005HerringtonN Murgatroyd51.230F2
Mono (Surface) L06 (brushed)17-Oct-2004HerringtonIan Philips35.800F1 F2
Mono (Surface) L06 (brushed)20-Sep-2003HerringtonIan Philips35.250F2
Mono (Surface) L0828-Oct-2012Branston WaterDavid Harvey45.820F1 F2
Mono (Surface) L0831-Oct-2010WatermeadDavid Harvey43.200F2
Mono (Surface) L0922-Oct-2023Carr Mill DamDavid Harvey32.800F1 F2
Mono (Surface) L1020-Sep-2003HerringtonE Lazenby36.530F1 F2
Mono (Surface) L1015-Sep-2002WarminsterP Bennet35.350F2
Mono (Surface) L20
Mono (Surface) LOpen
Tunnel (L Open)22-Oct-2023Carr Mill DamLiam Davison101.120F1 F2
Tunnel (Mini) L0231-Oct-2010WatermeadMartin Cusick28.010F1 F2
Tunnel (Mini) L0209-Sep-2007Branston WaterIan Williams19.190F2
Tunnel (Mini) L0312-Mar-2017Dearnford LakeRob Physick30.222F1 F2
Tunnel (Mini) L0324-Apr-2016Dearnford LakeIan Williams17.140F2
Tunnel (Mini) L0326-Apr-2015Dearnford LakeIan Williams15.873F2
Tunnel L01
Tunnel L0224-Apr-2016Dearnford LakeRob Physick34.490F1 F2
Tunnel L0327-Oct-2013Dearnford LakeRob Physick39.820F1 F2
Tunnel L0424-Apr-2016Dearnford LakeIan Williams47.940F1 F2
Tunnel L0426-Apr-2015Dearnford LakeKeith Mallam40.816F2
Tunnel L0428-Oct-2012Branston WaterRob Physick34.060F2
Tunnel L0612-Mar-2017Dearnford LakeKeith Mallam53.957F1 F2
Tunnel L0624-Apr-2016Dearnford LakeKeith Mallam48.910F2
Tunnel L0627-Oct-2013Dearnford LakeRob Physick48.880F2
Tunnel L0814-Jul-2019Larkfield DamKeith Mallam55.570F1 F2
Tunnel L0828-Oct-2012Branston WaterRob Physick41.280F2
Tunnel L0831-Oct-2010WatermeadBrian Barrow30.660F2
Tunnel L09
Tunnel L1014-Jul-2019Larkfield DamKeith Mallam46.460F1 F2
Tunnel L1012-Mar-2017Dearnford LakeRob Physick38.544F2
Tunnel L1026-Oct-2014Dearnford LakeMark Shipman25.390F2
Tunnel L1222-Oct-2023Carr Mill DamChris Pheasey65.660F1 F2
Tunnel L2012-Sep-2021Carr Mill DamKeith Mallam86.620F1 F2
Tunnel L2029-Apr-2018Larkfield DamKeith Mallam81.750F2
Tunnel L2012-Mar-2017Dearnford LakeKeith Mallam69.984F2
Tunnel L2028-Oct-2012Branston WaterPeter Barrow56.670F2

SAWs Results 22 Oct 2021 - Carr Mill Dam

The highlighted speed is a new or broken record
Hull Type/ClassEntrantSpeed (MPH)
Hydro (Scale) L10Liam Davison77.4
Hydro L03Paul Heaton63.03
Hydro (Scale) L08David Harvey47.37
Mono (SubSurface) L02David Harvey12.21
Mono (SubSurface) L03David Harvey21.84
Mono (SubSurface) L06David Harvey31.69
Mono (Surface) L09David Harvey32.8
Mono (Surface) L10David Harvey33.56
Tunnel (L Open)Liam Davison101.12
Tunnel L04Ian Williams29.3
Tunnel L12Chris Pheasey65.66

SAWs Results 12 Sep 2021 - Carr Mill Dam

The highlighted speed is a new or broken record.
Hull Type/ClassEntrantSpeed (MPH)
Hydro (Mini) L02David Harvey38.79
Hydro (Mini) L03David Harvey38.83
Hydro (Scale) L02David Harvey28.07
Hydro (Scale) L03David Harvey39.86
Hydro (Scale) L08Rob Scott44.56
Mono (Mini - Surface) L03Rob Physick29.93
Mono (Scale) L08Rob Physick45.16
Mono (SubSurface) L01Nigel Turner15.29
Mono (Surface) L03Chris Pheasy43.06
Mono (Surface) L03Rob Physick33.04
Mono (Surface) L06Rob Scott46.93
Mono (Surface) L06Rob Physick44.55
Tunnel L08Keith Mallam49.32
Tunnel L20Keith Mallam86.62

SAWs Results 14 Jul 2019 - Larkfield Dam

The highlighted speed is a new or broken record.
Hull Type/ClassEntrantSpeed (MPH)
Hydro (Mini) L02Rob Physick34.48
Hydro (Mini) L03Paul Upton-Taylor46.37
Mono (Mini - SubSurface) L01Nigel Turner14.25
Mono (Mini - Surface) L03Rob Physick22.37
Mono (Scale) L04Rob Physick43.56
Mono (Surface) L06Rob Physick50.7
Tunnel L04Ian Williams39.95
Tunnel L08Keith Mallam55.57
Tunnel L10Keith Mallam46.46

SAWs Results 29 Apr 2018 - Larkfield Dam

The highlighted speed is a new or broken record.
Hull Type/ClassEntrantSpeed (MPH)
Hydro (Scale) L02Rob Physick28.13
Hydro L03Christopher Hobbs43.14
Hydro L06Keith Mallam61.35
Hydro L06George McDonald57.99
Mono (Mini - Surface) L02Rob Physick29.47
Mono (Scale) L06Rob Physick48.21
Mono (SubSurface) L01James Hobbs (Junior)15.18
Mono (Surface) L01Christopher Hobbs21.47
Mono (Surface) L06Keith Mallam58.06
Mono (Surface) L06George McDonald & Ted19.06
Tunnel L04Ian Williams40.87
Tunnel L08Ian Williams35.45
Tunnel L20Keith Mallam81.75

SAWs Results 12 Mar 2017 - Dearnford Lake

The highlighted speed is a new or broken record.
Hull Type/ClassEntrantSpeed (MPH)
Mono (SubSurface) L01
James Hobbs4.173
Mono (Mini - Surface) L02
John Croyden39.353
Tunnel (Mini) L03
Ian Williams0
Tunnel (Mini) L03
Rob Physick30.222
Hydro (Mini) L03
David Harvey46.973
Mono (Surface) L03
Ian Williams0
Mono (Surface) L03
John Croyden39.805
Mono (Surface) L04
John Croyden46.729
Mono (Surface) L04
Rob Physick54.745
Hydro L02
Christopher Hobbs30.488
Hydro L03
David Harvey51.165
Hydro L04
Keith Mallam39.301
Hydro L06
Paul Upton Taylor0
Tunnel L03Paul Upton Taylor0
Tunnel L04James Hobbs37.068
Tunnel L04Ian Williams43.945
Tunnel L06Keith Mallam53.957
Tunnel L10Rob Physick38.544
Tunnel L20Keith Mallam69.984
Hydro (Scale) L02
David Harvey28.662