Entrants by Year

For those who like statistics or who are just interested to remember old friends, here is a history of who raced when.

For those who have not raced for a while, we have missed you. Come back soon.

Alan Hazeldean44
Alex James454215
Allan Shillitto43310
Andrew Fuller123
Andy Hassan1232311
Anthony Gould11
Aran Bond345333324
Ashley Wilson44
B Gains11
Barry Fat354315
Barry Mayer22
Bart Van Geyt (G)235
Bill Addison2226
Bill Hickman1235555329
Bob Bryant33
Bob Yates1555420
Brian Barrow2125
Buby Bertels (G)448
Byron Read112
Carl Smailes33
Carrianne Scotto11
Chris Chilver11
Chris Hobbs246
Chris Jackson11
Chris Osman334354325
Chris Osman(G)22
Chris Ransome22228
Claire Billington11
Colin McGinn459
Dale Marriott333211
David Baker2114
David Church213
David Conway21328
David Harvey3344411123228
David Nieuwland (G)34411
David Parker336
David Pearson2338
David Van Steelant (G)34411
David Warrington112
Donatas Ceponis12339
Ernie Brawn22
Ernie Lazenby22
Ethan Richards11
Eugene Beirne112
Franco Scotto2322110
Garry Westwood33333318
Geert Kayaerts(G)22
Gemma Wilson11
George McDonald434333424
George Roberts23123232222221130
Gordon Tiley224
Graham Cornford246
Guy Verachtert(G)112
Harry Stuart22
Ian Barber213
Ian Phillips13135133322211233
Ian Rees3328
Ian Severs123
Ian Williams24321223234230
James Bond343212
Jason Tooley13228
Jelle Piere (G)2338
Jim Bond233311
Joe Read244224321
John Baker9413
John Croyden3333315
John Gould224
John Newton11
Jordan Dodge224
Joseph Brawn22
Kaylee Wilson11
Keith Hickman1112223113
Keith Mallam334313
Ken Brown12126
Ken Bullough134
Lee Heath23454422
Liam Mallam(J)22
Liz Barber11
Luc Bovendeerd(G)11
Luc de Weerd(G)235
Luke Burton133212214
Malcolm Franks333312
Mantas Ceponis11
Mantas Uksas1113
Marius Alesiunas112
Mark Shipman24533421
Mark Sutton44
Mark Tiley11
Martin Harvey144433323330
Martin Marriott33343319
Nedas Jugelevicius22
Nick Rees7543335535
Nigel Bennett121116
Nigel Murgatroyd22329
Paul Dodge123
Paul Heath233354323
Paul Heaton32434344434333451
Paul Rayner11
Paul Severs123
Paul Upton Taylor1254443225
Paul Wilson11
Paul Wray33118
Peter Barrow34232223233231
Peter De Winter11
Peter Ogden112
Phil Jenkins55
Phil Miller1223311
Phillip Blears22228
Ray Metcalfe11
Reuben Rees22
Rob Parsons11
Rob Physick3555567541
Robert Foss22
Robert Pearson11
Roger Clark358
Roger Cumbers2433416
Roger Graves111333214
Roy Davies11
Ruben Rees12137
Russell Chilcott333615
Shaun O'Connor22
Simon Booth1113
Simon Mitchell33432322224
Stephe Hart5143135444539
Stephen Bennett132221112
Steve Booth1214
Steve Rayner2123412
Steve Whenham123
Stig Koopmans11
Stu Brown11
Team 2 Old Farts & Luke11
Team Alien11
Team And in third place11
Team Bringing up the Rear11
Team D&D Racing11
Team Eco Warriors314
Team Electra11
Team Electra Reserves11
Team Etti112
Team GB11
Team Graham11
Team Hickman11
Team Hopeful11
Team Jordan11
Team Kukorelli112
Team L.T.U. Racing1113
Team Last Minute11
Team Nads Lads11
Team OOS11
Team Ostend Ospreys11
Team Renegade11
Team RPM11
Team Russian11
Team Swoop11
Team Torbay11226
Team Whackey Racers112
Team Zider112
Tim Watson11338
Tom Feyen (G)222423318
Tom Watson244332422
Torran Hayward453214
Trevor Goodinson2226
Trevor Richens11
Vaughan Miller22223314
Vilintas Kuras11
Walter Geens (G)333312
Willem-Jan Kayaerts(G)22

The values are the number of classes entered.

(G) = Guest

Where the name of a member of a team is know, the entry is under the racers name. If not know it is entered under the team name. (If any members can prove who was in what team in any particular year then let me know (webmaster@mpba-fes.org.uk) and I will update the list).