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Chris Hobbs

From original email 12 Dec 2019 16:50

Hello Martin & many happy returns of the season….
I do like the idea of the longer straight (9m clearance) but I also have some concerns;
1. faster entry speeds from longer straights, however nominal, may make these narrower gaps even more difficult to navigate safely.
2. The last meter or so closest to the bank is by far the most treacherous as (particularly the West Bank) as there is a lot of large jagged concrete blocks protecting the banks from wave damage, the depth of these obviously depends on the water level which can easily fluctuate by 6”. There are also the buoy lines belonging to the “Sail section”

The wider “oval” is possibly more practical as I assume a set of triangle surface race buoys could be accommodated within the width. Also the 10m gives us plenty of space.

Ps, what is the width from the bank now?

Merry Christmas,