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Ian Phillips

From original email 12 Dec 2019 22:30

Hi Martin.

Just couple of points.

1. There are no ‘weights’ which hold the buoys down. There is a large concrete paving slab on the lake floor under each buoy with a metal loop through which the rope runs. Believe me as George will attest these are nigh on impossible to move due to the suction caused between the slab and the mud.

2. Any floating rope is caused by the weights which are threaded onto the ropes closer to the bank becoming dislodged but these can be easily relocated. Another option would be to locate a smaller ‘threaded’ paving slab close to the bank for each buoy instead of threaded weights.

It may be that the buoys just require new ropes fitting as the current ones have been in place for some years but without physically checking of course that is only my guess. It’s possible that the ropes are now catching on the metal loops and not running smoothly which could be causing the problems.


PS. I drilled each slab and fitted the loops with George’s help.