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In order to make it easier to picture the options as compared to the existing buoy locations, I have added some extra diagrams to my original post.
One diagram is the dimensions that are taken directly from the Google Maps image I linked to in my first post. I believe the Google dimensions to be extremely accurate but I have to note that these differ significantly from the dimensions that Ian sent to David Harvey (See David’s last post). One explanation is that the buoys have moved since the Google picture was taken. From the image you can see that there is the crawler track in place but no buggy track. Ian will undoubtedly be able to accurately date this and to confirm if the buoys have moved since then.
I have also added a diagram showing what a course with the same peripheral distance as a Naviga course, but with a 12mt separation from the banks, is like.
Also I have added an image with a 10mt clearance circuit superimposed upon the Google image and also another with the 12mt clearance circuit superimposed. This should make the options very clear.
You will notice that the 12mt separation circuit has quite short straights.
I have hopefully given you sufficient information to make a decision. The choices you can now discuss / vote on are:-
• 9mt clearance
• 9.5mt clearance
• 10mt clearance
• 12mt clearance
• Leave it as it is
• Other
I look forward to seeing a health discussion.
Martin M