Proposals for AGM

Proposals for 2018 MPBA-FES AGM

In order to give members time to consider proposals prior to the AGM, the ones that have been submitted already are presented here.

If any member would like to put forward a proposal then please send it to stating the purpose of the proposal as well as the proposal itself.

The AGM will be held:-
Venue: Bridlington Model Boat Society Club house
Date: Friday 29th June. 6:45PM

Proposal 1

Proposer: Martin Marriott
Purpose: We currently have a rule creation method that is extremely slow. For instance if Naviga makes a change in January, we have to wait until the AGM in Jun/Jul before we can discuss and vote on any change. This doesn’t take effect until a year later. This is a delay of 18 months which I believe to be unacceptable and the following are proposals to improve this. They are alternative proposals to achieve the same result.

Proposal 1a: The AGM is moved to earlier in the year so that decisions can take effect at the Nationals of the same year.


Proposal 1b: We move to an electronic method of voting which can occur at any time.

Proposal 2

Proposer: Martin Marriott
Purpose: As an organisation that is affiliated to Naviga whose major raison d’etre is to organise and run a National contest, I feel that it is perverse to run races which do not conform 100% to Naviga rules.

Proposal 2: We align all our race rules to Naviga race rules and state that they will track any changes automatically.

Proposal 3

Proposer: Martin Marriott
Purpose: In order not to disadvantage anyone that wishes to use last year’s packs.

Proposal 3: When battery rules change, we also accept any batteries that conform to the previous year’s rules. Note that this is a rolling temporary allowance which will automatically be removed after the first year.

Proposal 4

Proposer: Martin Marriott
Purpose: There have in the past been problems caused by the automated results being adjusted when laps have been missed. This human intervention should be removed.
Note: This has already been put in place temporarily by the committee but needs to be ratified at the AGM.

Proposal 4: Add a clause to the effect “It is the racers responsibility that the transponder in the boat is correctly registered, connected, fitted and functioning. If the MyLaps timing system is deemed to be working correctly, then no adjustment will be made to the laps counted.”

Proposal 5

Proposer: Martin Marriott
Purpose: Our web site is currently hosted on a package which was the cheapest one available. You may have noticed that it is very slow and it is becoming difficult to support our site on it and a more capable package is required

Proposal 5: I propose that the webmaster transfers our web site onto a higher capacity server. The cost will be approximately £80 per year.

Proposal 6

Proposer: David Harvey
Purpose: To speed up the adoption of Naviga rule changes.

Proposal 6: I propose that rule 9.1 be changed from:-

“The rules as laid down above may not be amended other than at a general meeting.”


“Rules may not be amended other than at the AGM except those made by Naviga which will be ratified at the next AGM. Models and items complying with the old rules will still be allowed to race the following season only.”

Proposal 7

Proposer: Robert Foss
Purpose: A finish to the north and south divide between clubs, and find waters/clubs in the midlands that we can come together as clubs to race at.

Proposal 7: Collaboration of clubs.

Proposal 8

Proposer: Robert Foss
Purpose: To organise more weekend events at Bridlington, perhaps something for children in need, or sport relief, or a memorial trophy, or a sponsored event with prizes. The event would have to have the same appeal as the nationals to warrant the stay over and travel, i.e. not just another club event. Plus combining this with something for the wives/girlfriends for a social evening between racing on perhaps a ticketed affair?

Proposal 8: More double headers (2 day events at Bridlington)