Naviga has new leadership

On 26th Oct 2019, Naviga held there bi-annual General Assembly. In a dramatic move, the complete leadership were replaced.

The new leadership are as follows:-

  • Walter Geens (Belgium) – President of the Naviga
  • Zdenka Dostalova (Czech Republic) – Vice President of Naviga
  • Jaroslaw Leoniec (Poland) – II Vice President of Naviga
  • Daniel Ciosu (Romania) – Secretary General of Naviga
  • Adrian Stolarek (Poland) – Treasuer of Naviga

In a statement from the new President, it is clear that many changes are likely to take place. Some of the stated intensions so far are:-

  • Reduce the costs of the organisation which will result in reduced costs for the member countries.
  • All sections to hold a world championship every two years.
  • Make the Naviga accounts much more transparent.
  • Introduce training programs for juniors.
  • Improve the visibility of Naviga on social media.

You can find more details at

As a result of this news, the position of leader of the M section will become vacant and so if anyone from the UK would like to put their head above the parapet then please contact Walter Geens.


Naviga increase the minimum LiPo voltage

The results of a vote of all Naviga M Section country members has been announced.

The vote was to decide if the post-race voltage check should be:-

1) Leave it at 3V
2) Set it to 3.3V
3) Set it to 3.5V  

Out of 20 affiliated countries 17 voted. 6 countries voted for option 1 (remain at 3.0V) 9 voted for option 2 (3.3V) and 2 countries voted for 3.5V

Therefore, as from 1 Jan 2019 the voltage requirement will be increased from 3.0V to 3.3V.

The rules of the MPBA-FES, Northern Amp Draggers and I believe that of Electra mean that this rule will be automatically be adopted by them with effect from 1 Jan 2019.

Naviga announce increased limiter values for 2019

Today the results of the votes cast by member countries have been announced.

Of the countries who were eligible to vote, 14 responded, 1 of which was an abstention.

4 voted to leave the limits as they were.
8 voted to increase the limit t0 21, 60, 120, 180
1 voted to increase the limit to 23, 62, 124, 186

Therefore the new  limits to be used from 1st Jan 2019 will be:-

Energy band 1 = 21 WattHrs
Energy band 2 = 60 WattHrs
Energy band 3 = 120 WattHrs
Energy band 4 = 180 WattHrs

Naviga World Championship M class 2019 announced

The following announcement has appeared on the Naviga website.

“Happy to announce to all of you that finaly we found a host country for the 2019 WC. In the new build partnership with FIM this idea grew and took shape, so i m happy to announce the 2019 WC will take place in Lake Le Bandie, Treviso, Italy from 1st of August 2019 till 10th of August 2019.

Further details will be announced within the next few days.”

The details appear here.