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David Harvey

From original email 13 Dec 2019 20:12

On the banks on all sides there are markings where the bouys should be and when the course was originally set out to these markings everything was symmetrical and a nice straight course with round ends was achieved, before any change is made I think the original course should be checked with these markings. Personally I think that if the new bouys were set to the markings that would be the best idea and as I said in my previous email if you are going to make the course Naviga size then the top straight should be moved further away but the only problem with this is that it makes it more of a rectangle with sharp corners. Also do not forget that not everybody is interested in Naviga and just want to run their boats, I think that if you start going to much to Naviga you will lose some competitors, with my eyesight not being very good now I was struggling at the Worlds I would prefer to keep the course as it is.

Best Regards