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    From original email 13 Dec 2019 18:07

    Hi Ian,
    Thanks for the feedback.

    As we have recently been putting out the buoys (well Andrew has) in seemingly random locations with people from the pontoon shouting left a bit, right a bit; I can only assume that we haven’t been using the block and loops. That raises the question in my head as to how we would locate the blocks again if the buoy has become detached and the rope has pulled back through the loop.


    David Harvey

    From original email 13 Dec 2019 10:05

    Hi Martin
    I do not know what the distance is from the bank at the end of each straight at the moment but it does not want to be any closer and the straights do not want to be any shorter so for me the only way is to take the top straight higher. Which of the three options conform to this I do not know.
    Hope you have a good Christmas to.

    Best Regards


    Paul Heath

    From original email 13 Dec 2019 13:15

    Hi martin, good work as ever. Lee and i are voting for the longest straight and narrowest bends. Its meant to be a test of skill, so this tests us most.

    Ian Williams

    From original email 13 Dec 2019 15:01

    Hi martin,
    Have you any idea what the buoy to bank clearance has been this year?


    From original email 13 Dec 2019 17:48

    A number of people have asked me how far the outer buoys are from the banks and so rather than answer individually I will send my answer to all.
    It’s difficult to say what the clearance is now because since the “automatic” raising and lowering started to give problems they are often put out manually each meeting and so it’s variable.
    Also, it isn’t put out with any measurement.
    I suggest that you look on Google Maps https://www.google.com/maps/@54.0602202,-0.2521186,147m/data=!3m1!1e3 and use the “Measure Distance” feature. You will see that on the particular day that the satellite photo was taken, the outer buoys were about 13mts from the bank.
    You will also notice that the circuit doesn’t have semicircle ends. It is more like a rectangle with bulgy ends.
    It seems to me that the questions we need to ask ourselves are:-
    • Is it desirable to have the circuit length the same as a Naviga circuit?
    • Is it desirable that the ends of the circuit are semi-circular?
    If the answer to both those questions is yes then you will see the results in the diagrams I sent to you. The further away the outer buoys are from the bank, the more that the straights are shortened. In fact, if the clearance from the bank were 13mts then the semicircle radius is 18mts and the straights would be only 27mts long and the circuit becomes closer to a circle.
    From the responses I have had so far, it would appear that the younger ones with better eyesight want a smaller clearance with longer straights with the opposite also being true.

    Martin Marriott

    Martin Machen

    From original email 13 Dec 2019 17:58

    My first choice would be for 9 meters at the ends.
    Second choice 9.5

    Anyone who has raced at Althorne would be used to those sort of end measurements especially when the water level was low.


    Lee Heath

    From original email 13 Dec 2019 20:08

    Long straights please

    David Harvey

    From original email 13 Dec 2019 20:12

    On the banks on all sides there are markings where the bouys should be and when the course was originally set out to these markings everything was symmetrical and a nice straight course with round ends was achieved, before any change is made I think the original course should be checked with these markings. Personally I think that if the new bouys were set to the markings that would be the best idea and as I said in my previous email if you are going to make the course Naviga size then the top straight should be moved further away but the only problem with this is that it makes it more of a rectangle with sharp corners. Also do not forget that not everybody is interested in Naviga and just want to run their boats, I think that if you start going to much to Naviga you will lose some competitors, with my eyesight not being very good now I was struggling at the Worlds I would prefer to keep the course as it is.

    Best Regards

    Ian Williams

    From original email 13 Dec 2019 20:15

    I would yes to both with. O. 5 merte gaps

    Paul Upton Taylor

    From original email 13 Dec 2019 21:48

    I am happy to help out at the working party, let me know when it is.

    I don’t recall what the course measurements where, but we did try a longer course closer to the banks when the buoy system was put in, but due to the number of bank strikes it was made smaller. I think 10m (same width as the pit straight) is the minimum we should use.

    While it is desirable to have a Naviga spec course, we cant fit it in at Brid. With that given, it isn’t desirable at all to have a Naviga length course at Brid to me, it is not possible for the lap times and scores to be meaningfully comparable between any feasible course at Brid and Naviga, the larger radius turns of a shorter Naviga length course would mean higher corner speeds and less energy spent accelerating. I would much rather have a shorter course with Naviga spec corner radius so we don’t have to worry about re-optimising our turn fin, rudder, servo travel, and driving style, as well as the prop when we go to race on a Naviga course.

    It is very desirable that the ends are semi circular for the same reasons as above, but even more important as a constant radius is easier to drive so we would probably see less incidents.

    Kind regards, Paul Upton-Taylor.

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