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Paul Upton Taylor

From original email 13 Dec 2019 21:48

I am happy to help out at the working party, let me know when it is.

I don’t recall what the course measurements where, but we did try a longer course closer to the banks when the buoy system was put in, but due to the number of bank strikes it was made smaller. I think 10m (same width as the pit straight) is the minimum we should use.

While it is desirable to have a Naviga spec course, we cant fit it in at Brid. With that given, it isn’t desirable at all to have a Naviga length course at Brid to me, it is not possible for the lap times and scores to be meaningfully comparable between any feasible course at Brid and Naviga, the larger radius turns of a shorter Naviga length course would mean higher corner speeds and less energy spent accelerating. I would much rather have a shorter course with Naviga spec corner radius so we don’t have to worry about re-optimising our turn fin, rudder, servo travel, and driving style, as well as the prop when we go to race on a Naviga course.

It is very desirable that the ends are semi circular for the same reasons as above, but even more important as a constant radius is easier to drive so we would probably see less incidents.

Kind regards, Paul Upton-Taylor.