Naviga Limiter Questionaire Results In

Of the 21 countries eligible to vote, 15 responded with the following result:-

Energy Limits
Mini Classes – 20 WattHr
   ECO, Mono1, Hydro1 – 58 WattHr
   Mono2, Hydro2 – 116 WattHr
   FSRE – 174 WattHr
Frequency of update to limit – Once a year
Calibration in the field – No
Set a Min or Max battery weight – No
Ramp-down Time – 5 secs
Dead time – 60 secs
Check voltage before race – Yes
Check voltage after race – Yes
Do we accept the current types of limiter – Yes
Do we accept new types – Yes

These decisions will be incorporated into the Naviga rules from 1st Jan 2018.