Naviga increase the minimum LiPo voltage

The results of a vote of all Naviga M Section country members has been announced.

The vote was to decide if the post-race voltage check should be:-

1) Leave it at 3V
2) Set it to 3.3V
3) Set it to 3.5V  

Out of 20 affiliated countries 17 voted. 6 countries voted for option 1 (remain at 3.0V) 9 voted for option 2 (3.3V) and 2 countries voted for 3.5V

Therefore, as from 1 Jan 2019 the voltage requirement will be increased from 3.0V to 3.3V.

The rules of the MPBA-FES, Northern Amp Draggers and I believe that of Electra mean that this rule will be automatically be adopted by them with effect from 1 Jan 2019.