Naviga has new leadership

On 26th Oct 2019, Naviga held there bi-annual General Assembly. In a dramatic move, the complete leadership were replaced.

The new leadership are as follows:-

  • Walter Geens (Belgium) – President of the Naviga
  • Zdenka Dostalova (Czech Republic) – Vice President of Naviga
  • Jaroslaw Leoniec (Poland) – II Vice President of Naviga
  • Daniel Ciosu (Romania) – Secretary General of Naviga
  • Adrian Stolarek (Poland) – Treasuer of Naviga

In a statement from the new President, it is clear that many changes are likely to take place. Some of the stated intensions so far are:-

  • Reduce the costs of the organisation which will result in reduced costs for the member countries.
  • All sections to hold a world championship every two years.
  • Make the Naviga accounts much more transparent.
  • Introduce training programs for juniors.
  • Improve the visibility of Naviga on social media.

You can find more details at

As a result of this news, the position of leader of the M section will become vacant and so if anyone from the UK would like to put their head above the parapet then please contact Walter Geens.